Laser cutting, engraving

Laser cutting is an advanced sheet metal cutting technology, the working principle of which is a focused laser beam.

Laser cutting, compared to other material cutting technologies, has a number of advantages: speed, ultra-thin cutting line, the ability to cut extremely complex contours, high-quality and smooth cut. Laser cutting is an opportunity to make not only large but also unit orders at the lowest cost and favorable terms.

Laser cutting opens up unlimited possibilities in the production of complex shapes, in the advertising production sector, in the preparation of architecture, models, layouts, souvenir production and in many other areas where high demands are placed on precision or exceptional design.

Furniture for children

Furniture for a children's room.
Introducing a new and stylish series of children's room furniture,

where you will find various playful chairs, tables, shelves, decorations.
The furniture is suitable for children from 1.5 years to 12 years.
The furniture we produce is carefully modeled according to the age of the children, so everyone will choose a design according to age groups.


We perform embroidery with computer and industrial embroidery machines. We also prepare embroidery programs. You can choose:

Embroidery on shirts, jackets, sweaters.
Embroidery on aprons;
Mass embroidery;
Advertising embroidery;
Logo embroidery;
Embroidery on towels;
Embroidery on bathrobes, work clothes, scarves.

Happy Home household goods

Happy Home accessories for the comfort of your home

and lifestyle.

Each of our products is implemented

the latest technologies, ecological and environmentally friendly measures.

We take into account modern trends, but do not ignore the classic design.
Everyone will choose cozy products tailored to their home.